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I & F Education is an Irish based organisation working in and from Dublin for the educational development of people of all ages, especially in the areas of entrepreneurship, sport and personal development, youth, language acquisition, inclusion and diversity and rural development. We stress and put the emphasis on lifelong learning as well as adult learning. 

ENTREPRENEUSHIP: Our programmes offer everyone a possibility to upskill and learn the abilities to become an independent self-starter, who tries hard to face the obstacles in life with a sporting spirit. We offer courses for entrepreneurs and the self-employed. We give special pride of place to the acquisition of soft skills by personal coaching and mentoring and by providing people with links to companies. We encourage new companies and initiatives and get people to think laterally and positively about their careers and their future.

YOUTH: Young people can learn key competences if the educational setting is right. We believe in providing young people with the tools to improve their personal development in many areas, such as emotional intelligence, soft skills, care of the environment, sociability and entrepreneurship. I & F Education runs programmes for young people who wish to develop their soft and presentation skills, emotional intelligence, etc. through our Horizon programme.

SPORT: Sport is a key means to educate people and advance their personal development. Good instruction and individual centered formation is the way for people to flourish. I & F currently runs soft skills programmes through sport in several clubs. We had the privilege to work with Atl├ętico de Madrid in the past.

LANGUAGES: The acquisition of a foreign language, especially in the case of English, is an indispensable tool for entrepreneurship, for young people to get opportunities in life and for older people to get a job in a highly competitive market. I & F has developed tourism packages intended for students and adults involved in cultural and learning programmes centered on English language acquisition in Ireland. I & F Education currently offers English and Spanish language courses with full immersion for students in a family and school setting. 

SOCIAL INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY: In keeping with our supportive approach to programme management, we at I & F promote and support Erasmus+ in the context of Inclusion and Diversity.

The Inclusion and Diversity Programme devised by I & F develops project ideas with an emphasis on inclusion and diversity. It also develops trustworthy partnerships and engages with programmes in a meaningful way. Our main target groups are: migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, NEET youth, women, elderly, youth and adults with learning or emotional difficulties, people with fewer opportunities with and without disabilities. We develop and implement innovative projects and provide new tools and methods that meet social needs, create social relationships and form new collaborations to prevent social exclusion of vulnerable groups.

Webpage: www.instructionandformation.ie
E-mail: info@instructionandformation.ie