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Nurturing creativity in education: Cultivating creativity in school settings

The “Cultivating creativity in school settings” handbook consists of an effort to address challenges in post-Covid digital age and nurture creativity in education. This e-book will help professional to foster creativity in classrooms by adopting methods that seem to encourage divergent thinking. The role of staff is being underlined along with the ways that could be implemented by them while teaching no matter the subject.

A creative education at schools: A handbook for school staff

Creativity has the remarkable power to revolutionize the process of knowledge acquisition and its practical application for students within the confines of the classroom as well as in real-life situations. Fostering creativity not only enables individuals to express themselves but also fosters emotional growth. To facilitate this transformative process, the handbook offers comprehensive guidance, encompassing fundamental principles, methodologies, and practical tools to foster creativity in the classroom. Furthermore, it underscores the crucial role that educators and school staff play in nurturing students’ creative abilities, ultimately shaping their overall development.