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E-Course: Nurturing creativity in the Classroom

Ignite creativity in your classroom and school with our CPD e-course. This course empowers professionals by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to foster creativity among their students. Discover how to seamlessly integrate creativity into your lesson plans, learning routines, assessments, and instructional tools. Best of all, this course is completely free! Enroll now to enhance your capacity to inspire and engage students through innovative and imaginative teaching strategies.

Nurturing creativity in the classroom training handbook

This comprehensive Training Handbook has been collaboratively developed by the Erasmus+ project consortium, “Nurturing Creativity in Education: Restoring Power.” Designed for teachers, educators, youth leaders, and organizations, this handbook aims to equip professionals working in both formal (e.g., schools) and informal (e.g., community) educational settings with new methods and tools pertaining to creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The Handbook is organized into 5 modules, each consisting of 4-5 Units. With an estimated learning time of 2-3 hours per module, participants can engage in a structured and flexible learning experience.