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Nurturing Creativity in Education – Restoring Power Project

The Training Event organized by Pixel took place in Florence on February 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2023 as part of the Restoring Power project. During this event, the project partners were involved in various activities, actively participating and personally engaging in practical exercises and theoretical reflections on the topic of creativity.

Specifically, on the first day, a visit was organized to the DaVinci Technical Institute, which houses students aged 13 to 18. The teachers of the school, first showed the tools and technological equipment made available to the students, such as laser printers, 3D printers, various experimental circuits, etc. Next, they explained how through the innovative machinery the students’ creativity is constantly stimulated in various aspects. Starting from the realization through The highly customizable software of the models that will be produced, to the actual production or printing of the final product, where creativity concerns the shapes, materials and Technical details.

On the second day lecturer Alesia Koush offered a lesson on Value Education and how the value of creativity especially in younger students is of fundamental importance for personal and emotional growth. On the third day, lecturer Antonio Giordano proposed The results of the European Erasmus+ Project “Golden Ratio Teaching” . Specifically, 4 different types of student learning styles were shown and the specific methods to be used based altipo of the student in front of you. Again, the creative approach is across the board and applies effectively to all 4 profiles of “learners”. All in all, the event organized by Pixel effectively addressed the project themes and provided participants with new and interesting skills and perspectives on the creative component in teaching.