The 3rd online meeting was held on 4th February. At the meeting;

  • RJ4All informed partners about the upcoming Interim report that has to be submitted till end of July.
  • Regarding the Methodological guidelines, I&F and partners discussed about possible changes and suggestions of the draft.
  • Prios presented the draft created and explained each chapter of MOOC.
  • Sultangazi presented the project website updates. Partners discussed on their feedback and further actions to improve and enrich the website.
  • The 2nd press release will be published during February, regarding the finalisation of the Methodological guidelines and the upcoming TPM.
  • Regarding the TPM and LTT, partners discussed to finalise the TPM in Florence on 25th March.


The first press release of the project has been published. Click to see


The first TPM meeting was held in Malta.