The project deliverables are categorized in four parts. 

In part 1, the project team will create a graphical material on how to promote a creative class environment. Partners will prepare the methodological guidelines useful for school staff, teachers, principals as well as parents.  The guidelines will be prepared in form of an e-book. The content of the e-book will contain a list of articles and exercises for professionals to use in education, insights of how creativity can be used to achieve a positive impact and a detailed pathway for implementation. The e-book will be given an ISBN number, catalogued by the British Library, and it will be published by RJ4All Publications affiliated with the RJ4All International Institute.

The Guidelines will be used for the 2nd stage of the project.

In part 2, the project will create a blended professional development course (Creativity MOOC – Massive Open Online Course) which teaches educators, principals and staff the foundation of a creativity and empowers them with the tools and resources to foster creativity in their classrooms and school. This course will include the pathway for the implementation of creativity in class, including lesson plans, learning processes and other tools.

The course will be hosted on www.rj4all.uk which is an existing platform for e-learning and will be accredited with Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

In part 3, the project will produce the handbook “Nurturing Creativity in Education”, which will focus on integrating creativity in teacher training and in students’ curricula. In this draft a comparative analysis of existing data will be conducted along with analysis of the results from project related activities.

Last, in part 4, an e-Toolkit will be created “Creativity in action”. It is a sustainable collection of tools, activities and process roadmap for using in a classroom. This deliverable will be a document free to access and will help teachers to flexibly adapt all the materials included in the toolkit.